Cindy Lisica Gallery Emilie Duval, Order from Chaos, 2017, acrylic, ink, glitter, marker, spray paint, collage on canvas, 66 x 100 inches


Past Event

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Cindy Lisica Gallery
4411 Montrose Blvd. Suite F
Houston, TX  77006
Cindy Lisica Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Houston-based French artist Emilie Duval. The artist has created a body of work that is both cerebral and visually delightful. Duval is a virtuoso of multi-layered painting, and she connects this studio practice with photography and mixed media, video and installation for her newest series, ORDER FROM CHAOS. The artwork is vibrant in design, and exudes an intense energy resulting from a masterful and complex process. Duval addresses digital technology and explores both the natural order and the chaos forged by humans in her surroundings. She examines overarching issues of society and economy through her spirited representations of Digital Ledger Technology and the Federal Reserve, while making bold associations with Baroque period style, drama and excess. Duval also hones in on the local by incorporating images taken along the Bayou in Houston and combining them with the dazzling excesses implied by the use of gold in her work. This daring exhibition revisits the past and elegantly connects it with the present. Emilie Duval attended the Art and Art History program at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris in 1995, while simultaneously studying Law at the University Paris II Panthéon-Assas. She is a two-time Hunting Prize finalist and has held exhibitions around the world from Brussels to Salt Lake City. Duval was featured in Viewfinder: New Images by Texas Artists at FOTOFEST and the Houston Center for Photography in 2009, and she was recently selected by Clint Willour for exhibition at the Holocaust Museum (Houston, 2016). Her work was featured in New American Paintings (West Issue, #72), and shown this year at Art on Paper in New York City and the France Pavilion in Houston.


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