Energy Metropolis: Growth and Environment in Houston (lecture)

Energy Metropolis: Growth and Environment in Houston (lecture)

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Past Event

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Houston Maritime Museum
2204 Dorrington
Houston, TX  77030
Our newest environmental lecture series invites key members of the maritime community and academia who highlight innovation and progress in the maritime industry. Lectures are held at the Houston Maritime Museum, are open to the public and include admission to the museum collections. Refreshments are also included.

As an energy-intensive urban area, Houston has been shaped by natural and human factors. The city is foremost a product of the Texas Coastal Zone – flat, hot and humid, heavily vegetated, blessed with lots of water (wanted and unwanted), rich in resources, and prone to capricious weather. Oil in particular, however, shaped Houston’s modern economic and environmental history. The “energy capital of the world” has been a major player on the world’s energy stage, but petroleum refining, petrochemical production, and cheap, available gasoline have also shaped Houston in many ways. Discover how our waterways, highways, real estate market, labor force, and many pollution problems are directly attributable to our growth as an energy metropolis and what the future holds for Houston.


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