Faceplant with The Brothers Grymn

Faceplant with The Brothers Grymn

Photo courtesy of Kyle Hubbard


Sat., Sept. 30, 8 p.m. 2017

Location Info:

2010 Waugh
Houston, TX  77006
Like kerosene and a lit match, mixing hard-rock guitar riffs and old-school rap beats is a guaranteed way to get a crowd to go off; just ask any Kid Rock or Cypress Hill fan, if you can convince them to put down the 40/blunt long enough. Or investigate the doings of Houston’s Brothers Grymn, who are fond of calling their combo of dope rhymes and positive energy “Texas Funk,” and welcome a robust crew of both HTX and ATX rhyme-slingers — including MC Overlord, Hoag and Bonesaw of Full Service, Dee Willa of CB Kings, John Roo, Cody Ray, Mendo and Nyge — on recent sophomore release Summer Sessions. Available via Bandcamp, in truth these Sessions feel more like a party. Expect as much on Saturday, when Brothers Grymn slide between longstanding Pasadena skate-rock troublemakers Faceplant and Kyle Hubbard, the genial and quick-witted MC who appears on the Summer Sessions track “Boys of Summer.”
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