fails - The Houston Fringe Festival

fails - The Houston Fringe Festival

Photo Courtesy of The Lucky Penny


Thu., Sept. 7, 6:30 p.m. and Sat., Sept. 9, 3-4 p.m. 2017

Location Info:

MATCH - Midtown Theater & Arts Center
3400 Main St.
Houston, TX  77002
Atlanta-based performance outfit, The Lucky Penny brings "fails", an experimental dance duet created and performed by Blake Beckham and Hez Stalcup. Playful and irreverent, the work is an earnest examination into the nature of failure, offering a timely reflection on conditions of loss, rupture, futility and collapse. Through a raw vocabulary that celebrates the hyper-mundane, the duo presents failings as moments of critical insight, where we learn to find resilience and take courage. "fails" features live original music by Alessandra Hoshor, who performs under the moniker Pamela_and her sons. Created by Atlanta-based choreographers Blake Beckham and Hez Stalcup, fails is a contemporary dance featuring live original music by Alessandra Hoshor (who performs under the moniker Pamela_and her sons). The work erupts from the artists’ research into the nature of failure. Over the course of a 50-minute performance, we explore what failure is, how it happens, where it resides in the body, and how it feels: like a bridge collapsing, like loneliness, a tantrum, a wallop, misplaced momentum, obsolescence, embarrassing, absurd, earnest, inevitable. fails aims to sincerely examine and lovingly celebrate the effort of falling flat, while subverting expectations of prowess and perfection so embedded in the dance tradition. It abandons normative ideals around what dance performance should be (athletic, sensuous, virtuosic, etc.), and proposes an alternative paradigm to celebrate the mundane, the inept, the marginal. In this permissive space, we queer the performance practice, and offer audiences an experimental dance that’s refreshingly approachable.


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