Fall Art Classes (ages 7-10)

Fall Art Classes (ages 7-10)

YP Studio

[Organizer's description:] Has your child always wanted to paint, but never knew how to start? This is the 14-day course designed especially for your kids.

An engaging class designed for ages 7-10 encouraging interpretation and independent choice within the scope of professional lesson. Students will be introduced to new skills, artists, and/or projects each week, as they are encouraged to use these new techniques to create expressively. Emphasis on healthy emotional, and social expression, artistic confidence, and creative focus.

Following will be covered:

Sculpting, painting, drawing, cartoons,2D/3D

Multi-media creation

Art vocabulary and styles

Composition skills

Cultural art technique: Art around the world

Introduction to the Artists: Picasso, Warhol, Kahlo, Local artists and concepts, etc.

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