Feathers and Teeth

Photo by Gentle Bear Photography


2020-01-23 20:00:00
8:00 p.m. every Thu., Fri., Sat.
$15 to 25

Location Info:

Spring Street Studios
1824 Spring St.
Houston, TX  77007
“The play is like a mash-up between Hamlet, a ’70s sitcom and a slasher movie,” says Mildred’s Umbrella Artistic Director Jennifer Decker of Feathers and Teeth. “It’s hilarious and horrifying in equal measure.” Written by Charise Castro Smith and directed by Mildred’s regular Jacey Little, the dark comedy deals with a teenage girl (the “wonderful” Maddie Calais) dealing with losing her mother to cancer. There’s a boy with a crush on her, and her dad has begun dating her late mother’s former nurse. “I’ve had this play on my list for two years now; I thought it was brilliant,” says Decker. “[So] when Jacey mentioned it to me, not knowing that I’d already fallen in love with it, it just seemed perfect.”

8 p.m. Thursday. Continuing 8 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and 3 p.m. October 29. Studio 101, 1824 Spring. October 19 through November 4. For information, call 832-463-0409 or visit mildredsumbrella.com. $15 to $25; pay what you can 8 p.m. October 30.

[Organizer's Description:]

Set in a sleepy factory town at the end of the 1970’s, Castro-Smith’s horror comedy centers on teenaged Chris and her father’s new fiancée Carol, who don’t exactly get along. The already tense atmosphere gets even more stressful when Chris’s dad Arthur hits a mysterious creature on his way home from work, launching a series of events that rapidly spin hilariously out of control. Who will be left standing when this bloody rollercoaster of family dysfunction screeches to a stop?


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