Fetish invite courtesy of Rudolph Blume Fine Art / Artscan, containing details from work by John Runnels (left) and Joe Mancuso (right).

There's a peril close-by any American artist exiting emerging status and striding into the deep woods of real commitment; that is, Americans don't really get art, beyond it's shock value, what used to be called epater les bourgeois. Happily, for this grouping of mid-career Houston artists, each of whom has been working their materials in an original manner for years despite the onrush of silence that attends nuance, subtlety, and sophistication, the gallery has settled on a title, Fetish, that may yet hook some looky-lous by their more insalubrious bits. For a fetish is a talisman, an amulet, something invested with special powers, as well as being you a master key to various rooms in that dark dungeon of unspoken desires that lies beneath.


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