Georgina Spengler: "Cisterns and Wells" Opening Reception

Georgina Spengler: "Cisterns and Wells" Opening Reception

Georgina Spengler "Cisterns and Wells IV"


Past Event
Free Admission

Location Info:

Samara Gallery
3911 Main St
Houston, TX  77002
Samara Gallery is pleased to present Cisterns and Wells, a solo exhibition of new works by Georgina Spengler. In this body of work, the artist explores verses from poetry by Giorgos Seferis. Spengler’s paintings investigate what is not physically visible through words, creating visual emotion and personal understanding of poetry. Rachel Spence writes about Spengler’s work saying, “This experience of perpetual exile has acted to heighten her inner sense of landscape. “Certain lines keep running through my head,” she explains. “And I try to make the same feelings in my paintings as the words on the page.” In cycles such as “Cisterns and Wells” and “The Voices Circles”, she succeeds triumphantly. Working with linseed-rich oils beloved of the old masters, the silky, fathomless deliquescence of her surfaces is intensified by veils of colour applied with infinitessimal subtlety. Although the overall impression is of a Monet-like cascade of greens – tropical, emerald, olive, bottle, turquoise – there is also a shell pink that recalls Fragonard, a Caravaggesque, bitumen-dark black, yolk-yellows, ceramic blues and chalky whites that conjure up Vermeer and Rembrandt, an ecclesiastical amethyst that calls to mind the velvet robes of Veronese. Ultimately, however, Spengler’s vision is her own. If you have ever thrown a stone into a woodland pool as the sunlight falls through the leaves, or gazed upwards through the water after diving into a river on a summer day, her limpid, depthless waterfalls will resonate. Yet they also escape such concrete metaphors. For these are landscapes not only of the natural world, but also of the mind.” Georgina Spengler was born in Athens, Greece. She studied at the Boston University School of Fine Arts - Boston, MA, and at the Corcoran School of Art - Washington DC (BFA). She has been living in Rome since 1982. Opening Reception: Friday, April 21st, 6:00 - 8:00 pm Exhibition Dates: April 21, 2017 - June 3, 2017


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