Gilad Efrat: Resurface

courtesy the artist and Inman Gallery Gilad Efrat, Untitled, 2016 oil on canvas, 69 x 98.5 inches

Opening reception for the exhibition Gilad Efrat: Resurface. Inman Gallery is pleased to open the gallery’s 28th season with the exhibition Gilad Efrat: Resurface. This is Efrat’s fifth solo show with Inman Gallery. The exhibition opens Friday, September 15, with a reception from 6 to 8 pm, and continues through October 28. The paintings on view present heavily re-worked surfaces of thickly applied layers of paint in bold colors, which are then wiped away in rapid succession with palette knives and other tools, creating richly varied surfaces. The exhibition continues Efrat’s interest in a mapping of time and space while depicting the concept, if not the image, of “landscape.” Of the source for his paintings, Efrat states that, “painting in an abstract manner is like the process of walking through a landscape and thinking — moving and thinking. The concept of the human figure is within the painting, and the painting is like a body.” These paintings travel a contradictory path; by representing landscape with only a minimal amount of depth and through a skillful working of the surface, Efrat captures the duality between time and space in a vigorous and restless painting style. The artist will be in Houston from Israel for the event.


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