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Past Event

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Walter's Downtown
1120 Naylor
Houston, TX  77002
Girlpool emerged in 2014 as indie-rock wunderkinds. Founded by then high-schoolers Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad, the duo embraced the simplicity of a bass and a guitar to create their quintessential sound. Their music captures the uneasy vulnerability and confusion of youth with stark-naked maturity. Songs like “Slutmouth” and “American Beauty” wrestle with the hostile ambivalence endemic to modern girlhood, one that demands ready access to a young woman’s sexuality yet loves to hate her for it. Their latest album, Powerplant, marks an evolution for the group. By introducing a drummer into the mix, Girlpool departs from their early investment in minimalism, imbuing their raw reflections with more depth and maturity. The sophomore effort proves that this band has more to offer its audience, and Houston audiences would do well to catch them while they can. Hat-tip to Walter’s; y’all sure do know how to book ’em.


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