Green Day

Photo by Mark C. Austin.


Past Event
$39.50 to $69.50

Location Info:

Toyota Center
1510 Polk
Houston, TX  77002
If it feels like it’s been a while since Green Day has been to town, you’re not wrong. Touring behind their most recent effort, Revolution Radio, this marks the band’s first show in Houston since way back in 2009, which also happened to be four albums ago. Yes, somehow Houston missed out on an entire era of Green Day, but that’s okay; most seem to see Revolution Radio as a return to form for the band after three unfocused records. Still, it’s the old stuff you know you’re looking forward to the most, unless that’s the even older stuff. But whether you got into Green Day in 1994 or 2004 or at any other time, the trio has songs for days and aren’t afraid to reach deep into their catalog when they hit the stage. So while Fall Out Boy seems to be in town on the regular and Blink-182 is about to play their second show in Houston in the past year, it’s good to have the kings of pop-punk coming back to town. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, even if you’re a basket case or American idiot.
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