Grown-Up Story Time #100

Grown-Up Story Time #100

Photo by Sean Askandari


Past Event
$20 to $40

Location Info:

The Secret Group
2101 Polk St.
Houston, TX  77003
For Grown-up Storytime #100, BooTown co-artistic directors Lindsay Burleson and Emily Hynds have chosen the best of the best to be reprised, and over the last ten years and some 780 stories, they’ve definitely heard some good ones: Werewolf, Philip Hays’s account of being a kid necromancer in Sugar Land; the anonymously submitted Rules of the Clinic, about a woman seeking an abortion; and Brendan Bourque-Sheil’s “happy-sad” tale Twinkies, about his curious reaction to the Hostess treat in a post-Harvey Milk world. “Everyone’s favorite writers will be represented at #100,” promises Hynds. “They span the past ten years so there’s definitely going to be ones that you haven’t heard in potentially eight years — or never heard.”

Drunk Robot returns to emcee, and kicking off the centennial edition at 6 p.m. is a panel featuring original members and folks from the L.A. and Boston GUSTs. 7 p.m. March 25. The Secret Group, 2101 Polk. For information, call 832-898-4688 or visit $20 to $40.


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