Halloweening IV: The Halloweening Part 3


Past Event
Free with costume, $7 without

Location Info:

Walter's Downtown
1120 Naylor
Houston, TX  77002
People thought the radical and tubular slang of the ’80s was ridiculous right up until the ’90s came along, coining innumerable terms that were less than all that and a bag of chips. Walters’ fourth annual Halloweentime masquerade ball celebrates an aspect of the decade that has aged considerably better — the music — even if the venue will be awarding a prize for “most obnoxious ironic use of anachronistic slang.” Doing their unironic best to evoke only the fuzziest millennial memories will be Deep Cuts and friends digging into ’90s Top 40, promising to be “dope but also fresh”; the ad-hoc Smashing Pumpkin Spice Latte’s “siamese wet dream of infinite radness”; a claws-out set from Giant Kitty as Bikini Kill; and the (hopefully) self-explanatory Alanis Gwarissette. No cover with a phat costume; a permanent “lame” tattoo (and $7) for street clothes.
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