Hari Kondabolu

Photo by Yoon Kim Hari Kondabolu


Past Event
$20 to $24

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The Secret Group
2101 Polk St.
Houston, TX  77003
Hari Kondabolu has a unique perspective to share. After having spent the past year and a half developing his new album, Mainstream American Comic, and reflecting on his first album, the former Totally Biased writer admits conflicted feelings. “I recorded that in Oakland after the Trayvon [Martin] verdict came out, and they were still suffering from Oscar Grant’s murder. There’s a lot of that energy in the air; those people were protesting the day before. It sounds like a rally, almost.” While Kondabolu’s act is certainly politically active, he dismisses the idea that he’s doing activist comedy. “I would never call it that, because for me, it’s more observational. I don’t write stuff with the intent of educating people. I write with the intent of speaking my truth.” The writer postulates that the social awareness in his act stems from a cultural shift. “How many South Asian American voices that talk about political things were there before me? I don’t think there were any. It’s a sad kind of pioneering, [but] I haven’t existed before.”

9 p.m. October 22. The Secret Group, 2101 Polk. For information, call 832-898-4688 or visit thesecretgrouphtx.com. $20 to $24.
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