Hayden Jones

Photo by Nick Lavigne/Courtesy of Hayden Jones


Past Event

Location Info:

Anderson Fair Retail Restaurant
2007 Grant
Houston, TX  77006
Everyone has a place or time they can call home. In between youth and adulthood, you find yourself surrounded by friends who make you feel like you finally belong. More than anything it’s a feeling. On his first LP, The Roosevelt House, 23-year-old Hayden Jones sings about that feeling. “Initially the original Roosevelt house was my house in Sugar Land where my suburban as-close-as-you-can-get-to hipster friends skateboarded and played guitar," he says. "We hung out at my house and even though not everyone played music they were all in the Roosevelt house band. We all got together and that shaped us — we jammed a lot. It shaped us all in some way. The Roosevelt house life represents that.”


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