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Gallery Sonja Roesch
2309 Caroline St.
Houston, TX  77004
“John Clement is in his forties, and Mac Whitney is 76, so you have two generations of sculptors,” says Sonja Roesch about the upcoming “Heavy Metal” exhibit. “They are both very focused and very excellent sculptors.” Those who have driven past this Midtown gallery are familiar with Whitney’s bright red Carrizozo piece out front. “Heavy Metal” features works ranging in scale from tabletop size to monumental outdoor pieces.

For this show, most of Whitney’s pieces will have an unpainted finish. He has been experimenting with a thinner gauge stainless, so his pieces have a light and airy look about them. “These elements are thin; you can see right through them,” says Whitney. “Negative space occurs in random places.

“They are what I call linked pieces; that’s in reference to a chain, like a very large chain. So I use that idea of using a variety of geometric shapes to make the links, and the links are joined up to make a chain. There’s a place for interest and excitement on my part, exploration that occurs. I think I’m breaking some new ground by doing this.”

The pieces in this dual exhibit pair well, as Clement’s curvilinear forms have a high-gloss, colorful finish. “There’s a bright red, a raspberry pink, a bright blue, an orange, a stainless steel. They’re all new pieces, so it’s interesting to see the progression,” says Clement. His pieces have names like Cleopatra, Bishop, Inner Tube and Off Balance.

“Hot Rod, the stainless steel piece, is kind of polished. When I was building it, it had this slick, strong finish — kind of like a muscle car. It will be a great show, to show with Mac Whitney; he’s a legendary guy.”

11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays to Saturdays. Through October 31. Gallery Sonja Roesch, 2309 Caroline. For information, call 713-659-5424 or visit Free.


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