How Do I Say Her Name?

Detail, The Narrative, by Ann Johnson, photo courtesy of the artist and Art League Houston.


Past Event

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Art League Houston
1953 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX  77006
How Do I Say Her Name begins with the mysterious, suspicious, and tragic death of Sandra Bland in a jail cell in Waller, Texas where she was held for days on a minor traffic violation. Artist and organizer Ann Johnson invited a roster of talented artists to respond to the ongoing issues of race in America, particular the double-indemnity of being both a women and a person of color, both as artists and as women of color. Artists Regina Agu, Rabéa Ballin, Ann Johnson, Lauren Kelley, Autumn Knight, Rosine Kouman, Lovie Olivia, Kaneem Smith, and Monica Villarreal each work in different media, representing different disciplines, backgrounds, and points of view. What they have in common is their commitments to their artistic practices and the courage of their convictions. The exhibition opens March 24, from 6pm to 9pm, and there will be an artist talk at 7pm. It's worth noting here that, steadily and stealthily, Art League Houston has become one of Houston's art spaces offering the biggest bangs for the buck.
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