HTXO Mid Year Party



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Kirby Ice House
3333 Eastside St.
Houston, TX  77098
HTXO Mid Year Party June 24, 2017 Time: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Kirby Icehouse 3333 Eastside St Houston, TX 77098 Mid-Year Party Since our Grand Opening in January, we have had so much fun. It's time to celebrate again! We are having Mid-Year Party at Kirby Icehouse. If you’re ready to start something new this year, maybe it’s time to get more active, or you’re ready to meet new people, and learn new things, it's the perfect time to do it. Check out our Gear Village with ideas and know-how setups to give you some quick and easy “hacks” to make the outdoors more accessible and affordable. We’ll even have a bunch of our loaner gear on hand so you can check out the free HTXO goods, hands-on. Rock Paper Scissors Competition: Such a big hit, we had to bring it back. The age old game of Roshambo. Break the ice and meet new people by challenging them to a game of rock paper scissors. The best 2 of 3 is the winner of that round. The winner continues to challenge others in the competition. The defeated party becomes a "Fan" of the person who beat them and cheers them on for their next round. When it's down to the last two, each side should have a decent number of fans cheering them on. The final game will be the best of 5. Is HTXoutdoors for you? - Are you in your 20's or 30's? - Are you looking for more than just a happy hour? - Are you looking to try new things and get outdoors? - Are you looking to meet new people also interested in getting outdoors? - Do you work hard and want to add the play hard part? - Do you want to borrow gear for FREE? - Are you ready for a change? RSVP here - For additional info call 210-504-8333 or e-mail


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