I Love the 90s

Photo by Francisco Montes


Past Event
$22 to $90

Location Info:

NRG Arena
8400 Kirby Dr.
Houston, TX  77054
Here's something that'll make you go, hmmm. Big waves that broke in the late 80s and early 90s still wallop our little sandbar of time. This tour is for moms and dads feeling the "Vapors," aunties dropping like it's hot to "Scrubs," and creepy party uncles shouting "OPP." The party vibe will be operating on all kinds of frequencies at one time. Be careful, the music is "Gonna Make You Sweat," but think twice before you chase a waterfall in this barrel, lest all your one-time lovers assemble around your earthly remains with their spouses and children in tow, and, thus surrounded, they'll say you were "Just A Friend."
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