I Tried Really Hard

Courtesy of the organizers, I Tried Really Hard


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1506 Lorraine
1506 Lorraine
Houston, 77009 
Helen Keller described her life before language as total chaos, sheer sensation, without sense or meaning. In much the same way, many of the artists who work just outside of the gated community of fully-funded (let's be honest, partially funded) art do so chaotically. Here and there come a show, or a whole season of shows, like this, for artists by artists. Just look at these names, it's a laundry list of kooks and unregenerates. Many of them have side hustles as musicians, organizers, hustlers, designers. A show like this could serve as an introduction to so much, to those inclined to learn about the world in which they live. So the title's a little wishy-washy, to be fair it goes wonderfully with the awkardly cropped event graphic. With Mark Armes, Arthur Bates, Eyesore, Heath Flagtvedt, Ryan Francisco, Shelby Hohl, Jonathan Paul Jackson, Spike Johnson, Blake Jones, Alex Larsen, Dann Miller, Josh Nolan, Meredith Richey, Darcy Rosenberger, Bret Shirley, Austin Smith, James Templeton, Traci Thiebaud, Max Toth, Sarah Welch.


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