<i>Improvised Play x3</i>

Photo by Michelle Odgers Boiling Point Players


Past Event
$15 to $30

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Obsidian Art Space
3522 White Oak Dr.
Houston, TX  77007
Three plays, three nights and no scripts? Insanity to most, but it’s just another day of zany fun when Cone Man Running Productions presents a Boiling Point Players production of Improvised Play x3. Autumn Clack and Ruth S McCleskey, the comedy power twosome known as Ophelia’s Rope, are joined by an A-list roster of improvisers, including Brittny Bush, Callina Situka, Christine Weems, Alison Coriell and Station Theater co-director Jessica Brown for a run of fully improvised one-act plays. Clack, unabashed in her praise, calls this squad of comedians her “dream team.” “Ruth had the idea years ago; she’d read about improvising different plays in different genres,” Clack says, admitting, “I just thought that seemed awfully scary.” But after some cajoling, both women decided to add a weekend of improvised plays to their traditionally scripted play season. Clack adds, “An improvised play has more story structure: There’s a beginning, middle and end. And hopefully, it’s just as funny or moving as your average scripted play.”

8 p.m. November 13-15. Obsidian Theater, 3522 White Oak. For information, call 832-303-1578 or visit boilingpointplayers.com. $15 to $30.

[Organizer's description:]Cone Man Running Productions presents a Boiling Point Players production improvise verb improvise Simple Definition of improvise : to speak or perform without preparation : to make or create (something) by using whatever is available Improvisation, or improv, is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a play are made up on the spot. This unique performance will feature Houston improvisors Jessica Brown, Brittny Bush, Autumn Clack, Alison Coriell, Ruth S McCleskey, Callina Situka, Christine Weems and Kacie Adams on tech. This three-night engagement will be different every night. The plays will be completely made up with absolutely no planning and super-inspired by audience suggestions. Yes, you have power!
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