<i>In A Word</i>

Photo by Gentle Bear Photography


Past Event
$15 to $25

Location Info:

Studio 101
1824 Spring St.
Houston, TX  77008
After running in NYC, Lauran Yee’s touching dramedy In A Word makes its way to the Bayou City at Mildred’s Umbrella. Two years after Fiona and Guy’s young son’s disappearance, the married couple chooses to revisit that agonizing afternoon in an attempt to unravel each moment in hopes of finding previously unobserved clues. Director Troy Scheid says the script attracted her quickly. “Having the language almost be a character itself, with a poetic quality that’s not exactly heightened the way Shakespearian language is, but in how conflict is handled,” she says, “it’s not ‘protagonist versus wilderness’; it’s more ‘protagonist versus language,’ and how maddeningly disobedient it can be. There are misunderstandings with a snowball effect, and phrases that return again to haunt our characters — every time a character says ‘nothing’ or ‘later’ or ‘difficult,’ that’s a shorthand for a whole lot else going on.”

8 p.m. Saturday. Also 8 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through August 12. July 27 through August 12. 1824 Spring. For information, call 832-463-0409 or visit mildredsumbrella.com. $15 to $25.


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