Irena Jurek: Just a Phone Call Away

Irena Jurek: Just a Phone Call Away

David Shelton Gallery Irena Jurek, "Something to Talk About", 2015; acrylic, glitter, mixed media on canvas; 40 x 60 inches


Fri., April 21, 6-8:30 p.m. 2017

Location Info:

David Shelton Gallery
4411 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX  77006
Born in Krakow, Poland, and apparently shuttling between Brooklyn, New York and Wonderland, Irena Jurek certainly seems to be having a ball with her busy, squiggly, out-of-breath looking ink and colored pencil drawings of sexed-up critters. Too infrequently does art venture to wherever it is that this filthy-minded menagerie is meeting to get fresh with one another, and to wherever it is they end up later, full of regret and remorse. Visually, Jurek's world overlaps with a substrata of the joyfully psychedelic that also contains Louis Wain's cats, Bryan Lewis Saunders' self-portraits, and the general juicy vibe spurted forth by the Butthole Surfers in their heyday. I suppose that there could be those who suggest that making art look fun may not as much fun as it looks, in which case, here's to appearances.


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