Encore Theatre Isolation Opens June 30th


Past Event
$20 - $30

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Encore Theatre
4112 Old Spanish Trial
Houaton, Texas  77021
About the Play Harold J. Haynes, author of the gripping musical, I Just Wanna Tell Somebody, has written another enormously dramatic script in this non-musical tale of four high school boys who break into the school gym and accidentally lock themselves in. In their desperation to get out, their tempers begin to flare and their true natures are revealed. Originally designed for performance by an all-black cast, the play may use actors of any race. John Manley wrote, "After reading the script, my students and I could tell right away that this would be a superb production. It was amazing to us how Mr. Haynes was able to capture the true dialogue of today's inner-city teens. I was impressed and so was our community and administration. In fact, we were asked to present the play for faculty in-service that was aimed at getting teachers to understand inner feelings of our students. We had so much success with their production, we were asked to hold it over for two extra weeks. This play is both real and magical.
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