It Comes at Night

Photo courtesy of Eric McNatt/A24


Past Event
$5.40 to $10.81
A red door is, biblically speaking, a sign of protection, an echo of the blood rubbed on posts and lintels during Passover to keep God from smiting you and your home. But like most things that the Bible insists are positive, the red door also comes with an undercurrent of horror. Having to slaughter animals at twilight for your paint kind of mutes the jubilance of surviving. In writer-director Trey Edward Shults’ It Comes at Night, a soul-crushingly dark examination of human nature amid an invisible and unnatural threat, human life remains intact in but one house in the forest, one with a blazingly red door secured with heavy brass locks. This door, glistening with an attractive sheen at odds with the dull wood around it, is the only thing that separates a family from certain death. But survival also means sacrifice.


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