J. Cole

Photo by Marco Torres


Past Event
$29.50 to $125.50

Location Info:

Toyota Center
1510 Polk
Houston, TX  77002
Jermaine Cole is averse to the idea of fame. He’s famous, mostly for being an artist who endured student loans to release a few breakthrough mixtapes drenched with observations about the world in general and how it shaped him. Being a famous rapper doesn’t appeal to J. Cole. Being someone who engages thought and attempts to change the narrative does. His current tour has yielded no big guests; its most striking image is Cole walking out in full prison garb, hair locked in a dreaded Afro and demeanor quite stoic. He has reason to be. Last year’s concept album 4 Your Eyez Only told the story of Cole’s childhood friend, who left behind a daughter after he was murdered. Cole raps about attempting to achieve a normal life while being low-level famous. He may have achieved this in some small part, but, as a multiplatinum-selling rapper, he’ll never go back to being anonymous. Life, regardless of songs such as “Lights Please,” “Crooked Smile” and “Deja Vu,” won’t allow it.


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