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Rice University - Hamman Hall
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX  77005
Although he said goodbye to near-complete professional anonymity at his public debut in Glasgow thirteen years ago, Jandek may still be the most mysterious man in modern music. Even were he to appear on the Kardashian network, he would still have a claim to that title by virtue of his haunting, nearly place-less music. Though you may hear bits of folk, rock, country, and live, even funk, as well as the post-Schoenberg blues, in a Jandek song, the even those bits will be stripped to the bone of context. Live, you will at once recognize the face that has graced so many Corwood album covers. It's a memorable face, blanched of expression, occasionally translating a sense of light pain or forlorn repose, but that face is likely all you will recognize. The music follows private paths; forever shifting. This concert is presented by KTRU as part of their 50th anniversary celebration. It's free, but KTRU djs and alumni and Rice faculty and students have dibs on seating, what remains is first come, first served.


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