Jeff Jennings: Vanishing Auras

Jeff Jennings: Vanishing Auras

Jeffrey Jennings Jeffrey Jennings, Jeep Wagoneer #3, 33 ½ ” x 45 ¾”, Acrylic on paper, June 2006


Past Event
Free Admission

Location Info:

Studio 1821
1821 W. Alabama
Houston, Texas  77098
Art show from March 18th to April 15th. Mr. Jennings new work is a continuation of a theme developed with his paintings of the ship breaking yards in Bangladesh. Here he explores a subject closer to home. Cars abandoned in an empty lot near his studio in New Orleans. Like the ships in Bangladesh these cars were destined for the scrap yard. The cars not nearly as monumental as the giant ship hulls, never the less had their allure. There is the attraction to the objects themselves and the connection between them and the people involved with them, the previous owners, the miles traveled, the history, and life of the object, which has come to an end. The vehicles were observed over a period of several months in which they were continually changing due to human activity and the elements. On the one hand it seemed that someone was protecting them from the weather with tarps. Yet, at the same time they were being stripped and vandalized by others.


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