Kendrick Lamar

Photo by Marco Torres


Past Event

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Toyota Center
1510 Polk
Houston, TX  77002
Kendrick Lamar’s Compton-to-Coachella transition from underground sensation and critical darling to full-blown superstar has been a joy to watch. He’s restored a measure of credibility to the foundering idea that an outspoken, principled artist can still reach a mass audience, and even a little hope that the global music business signing his checks may not be totally spiritually bankrupt after all. (Maybe.) It’s nearly impossible to imagine a scenario where you couldn’t root for him — delivered at a dizzying pace, his lyrics seethe with righteous anger, Biblical humility and inner strength; the underlying music, meanwhile, is catchier, more adventurous and harder-hitting than that of his would-be peers. Before he reaps the inevitable armful of awards for his latest release, April’s DAMN, Lamar is on a summerlong tour of the provinces; with Missouri City breakout Travis Scott along as main support act, Saturday’s Toyota Center stop should have the air of a coronation.
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