Thu., Oct. 13, 8-11 p.m. 2016

Location Info:

908 Congress Ave.
Houston, TX  77002
[Organizer's description:] LICOR 43, the best-selling Spanish liqueur in the world, is bringing “La Marcha 43” back to Texas! This unique, immersive experience is designed to bring the best of Spain’s internationally-renowned nightlife and culture to guests in the Houston.

The term “La Marcha” refers to a party lifestyle that is defined by starting later, ending later and having unpredictability define everything in between. Licor 43 brings this unique flair to Houston by combining traditions of the past and trends of today with Spanish flavor throughout “La Marcha 43.”

RSVP ASAP to secure your spot at Guests are invited to enjoy an unforgettable night of complimentary food, drinks and music by DJ Johnny J.

Always Drink Responsibly. LICOR 43 Liqueur, 31% Alc.Vol. Product of Spain, Produced by DZ Licors S.L. 2016 Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, Stamford, CT 06901


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