Landscapes: Transformed/Transfigured | Sean Caulfield

Landscapes: Transformed/Transfigured | Sean Caulfield

Sean Caulfield


Past Event

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Flatbed Press
Austin, TX  78702
Landscapes: Transformed/Transfigured | Sean Caulfield OPENS TO PUBLIC May 19, 2017 OPENING RECEPTION May 19, 2017 from 6 to 8 PM CLOSES July 29, 2017 HOURS Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm; Saturday noon-5pm Through installation, sculpture and printmaking Sean Caulfield’s work considers the ways our envi- ronment is transformed by forces of urban and industrial growth. The visual images and environ- ments he creates blur boundaries between the biological and the technological, the organic and the mechanical; they challenge viewers to consider the implications of this merging. “Central to my work is the role that society, community and the individual has in the moment of change. Focusing on broader themes of mutation, metamorphosis, and regeneration involving both the landscape and the individuals that inhabit it, I aim to raise challenging questions for viewers about the role they play. Ultimately, my work focuses on the idea that crisis and change - whether it be environmental, political, or personal - can be a significant and positive catalyst for rebirth, growth and courage.” Sean Caulfield Image: Burning Roots, woodcut on gampi, 72 x 42”


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