Learn to Code Effectively

Learn to Code Effectively

nai obeid (www.dotthenai.com)

[Organizer's description:]Have you been considering taking up coding? Do you already have some experience but feel stuck?
Are you experienced and looking to learn a new language? Austin Coding Academy is excited to host this Meetup to answer all of your questions.

The topic that will be discussed is:
3 Powerful Strategies for Learning to Code as a Beginner:

• Learn about the different languages out there and which ones to learn first.

• How to start learning a new coding language, especially if you're brand new.

• What resources are available and fit your situation (schedule, budget, experience, etc.)

• Free snacks and drinks for all attendees

Come find out what you can start doing right now to get ahead in the coding game! MeetUp Itinerary: - Meet, Eat, Drink, Chill

- Learn effective ways to be a badass coder

- Ask Questions

- Eat, Drink, Chill, Hangout

Looking forward to hanging out with all of you! Austin Coding Academy Team


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