Lil  Yachty

Photo by Anton Mak via Flickr Commons


Past Event
$29.50 to $35

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Warehouse Live
813 St. Emanuel
Houston, TX  77003
Lil Yachty is honest. Maybe a little too honest. When the Atlanta rapper with the cherry-colored dreads and beads found himself on the hot seat over not being aware of the business side of music, he flashed a toothy smile and kept on going. In the current crust of viral rappers who became self-aware and self-sufficient, Yachty may be king of them all. Nautica face, haver of fun and enjoyment, he’s more brand than artist. Being a catchy, superfluous rapper who has hits such as the sprightly “1 Night” and major guest spots on DRAM’s “Brocolli” and Kyle’s “i Spy” is one thing. Building your entire life on entertaining teens by chasing away thoughts of hate and discrimination is another. Yachty may not be one of those Too Big To Fail rappers, but he’s far too enjoyable to some — and annoying to the older crowd — to falter this early.
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