Location Info:

Stageworks Theatre
10760 Grant Rd.
Houston, TX  77070
We all know the story – conniving plant helps meek shop assistant woo the girl of his dreams – until things go horribly awry in a bloodthirsty, entertaining musical.

[Organizer's description:]

Not your typical boy-meets-girl comedy, Little Shop of Horrors is a musical that's literally out of this world. On skid row, Seymour is your average, nerdy, down-on-his-luck floral assistant. That all changes when he meets an alien power-hungry, fast-talking plant who vows to fulfill Seymour's wildest dreams: fame, fortune and the heart of the girl he loves. There's just one catch: the plant thirsts for human blood, and its growing pains send Seymour down a diabolical path with murderous consequences. With an infectious score that gleefully combines rock, Motown and Broadway, Little Shop of Horrors ensures you’ll be toe-tapping along to this screamingly funny, joyously entertaining, tongue-in-cheek delight.


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