Living Your Voice 102

C G Jung Educational Center

8 wk course Build on the vocal technique and personal empowerment process learned in the Living Your Voice 101 workshop. (The 101 workshop is not necessarily a prerequisite. Equivalent experience as approved by the instructor will be considered. Please contact Tony at This class will be “project-oriented,” meaning that each participant will prepare a speech, a presentation, or a song of their choice. Along with group exercises, each class member will have an individual coaching session focusing on his or her project, with the support of the class, at each class meeting. Additionally, the class will prepare one or two group songs which, together with the participants’ individual performances, will debut at a celebration for an audience of friends and family at the last class on Thursday, July 27. Each participant will be invited, not required, to give his or her speech or presentation, or to sing his or her solo, at the celebration.
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