Manos de Mariposa (Bilingual Play)

Manos de Mariposa (Bilingual Play)

William Guaregua


Fri., June 23, 8 p.m. 2017

Location Info:

Talento Bilingue De Houston
333 S. Jensen Dr.
Houston, TX  77003
I will like to invite everyone to join us at the presentation in Houston of "Manos de Mariposa"directed Domingo Ferrandis. He is visiting Houston for few months as a part of his international itinerary. The play has been presented in México and the others cities, including Austin. Will be in Spanish with English subtitles. Translation of the text of the play "Hands of Butterfly" to English by Sandra Tapia Luna Hands of the Butterfly (Manos de Mariposa) Synopsis Through an ingenious multi-media play we travel back and forth between two worlds in constant interaction. Marcos’ personal story casts a microcosm: his childhood, relationships, fears and dreams. At the macro level, we ponder on the effect that identity, politics, society and straddling two cultures plays on this influx. Based on the premise that one world does not exist without the other, this is a tale that interlaces two stories: the personal biography of Mexican-American Marcos in modern day America, and the unfolding of the past and present history of legendary Mexico. This piece takes an insightful look at the frightening and enchanted next door land. The magic and appalling condition of the Mexico of our hearts, ever so distant and ever so present in a myriad of ways. Ferrandis chose the symbolism of hands, interweaving for centuries, these two colliding worlds on both sides of the border, on the same loom: humanity. Hands that fought and loved, that ground corn and modeled clay, hands that knocked down walls of intolerance and that wrote the pain they have witnessed. The hands that confront injustice and those that kill irrationally. Hands capable of fondling and slaying. Our hands make us extraordinary or dreadful beings. The choice is ours.


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