Martin Luther on Trial

Courtesy: Fellowship for Performing Arts


2017-10-19 19:00:00
7:00 p.m. October 19
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Tier 1 $70, Tier 2 $50, Tier 3 $30, Tier 4 $20. $30 under 30: Special $30 ticket for anyone under 30. (ID Required for $30 under 30. Box office only. Subject to availability.)

Location Info:

A.D. Players – Mainstage Theatre
5420 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX  77056
Lucifer, Hitler, Freud, M.L. King Jr., Pope Francis and Katie Von Bora in a courtroom drama for the ages! A trial in the afterlife, and the prosecutor…is the Devil. In the new original play Martin Luther on Trial, Luther’s beloved wife Katarina defends him as witnesses including Adolf Hitler, Sigmund Freud, Rabbi Josel, St. Paul, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Pope Francis take the stand. Even as 2017 marks 500 years since Luther ignited the Protestant Revolt against Rome, he continues to spark intense debate. You be the judge in this witty, provocative exploration of one of history’s most explosive personalities and the religious and political controversies he unleashed.


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