Matthew Kelly Debbaudt

Poster by Matthew Kelly Debbaudt courtesy of blueORANGE Contemporary


Past Event

Location Info:

BLUEorange Contemporary
1208 W. Gray St.
Houston, TX  77019
The art works in Matthew Kelly Debbaudt's "Motion Pictures" contain an unlikely roll-call of references and coordinates including Yves Klein, Raymond Pettibon, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Brion Gysin's roller works, Keith Haring's murals, and Matisse's dancers. In these fairly large-scaled, many of them five feet by five feet, and densely packed canvases, great numbers of rudimentary human figures appear to dance, dogpile, splay, huddle, and otherwise commingle, while framed by scrawled text that also seems to have weathered some sort of cut-up ordeal. The language of the pictures seems to allude to issues of unity and division, the pictograms, likewise, and the overall effect of each individual work is impressive enough, without even considering the ambition of the work en totale.


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