Michael Pybus: Hive Mind

Michael Pybus: Hive Mind

Artwork courtesy of the artist and Jonathan Hopson Gallery.


Past Event

Location Info:

Jonathan Hopson Gallery
904 Marshall
Houston, Texas  77006
There's a transcendental thrill in losing oneself in complete inanity, set a timer the next time you go online and you may be surprised by the results. The absolute zen in submitting to the modern world is likely not lost on Michael Pybus. The London based artist traffics in happy, capitalist realism like Pikachus and Ikea logos, occasionally dragging fingers in the viscous Warhol river, but more often hopping into hyperspeed to commingle in the great singularity he time-shares with artists like Brad Troemel, Ryan Trecartin, Assume Astro Vivid Focus, and Ben Aqua, among others.


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