Microsatan Presents

Beta Theater


2018-02-09 09:00:00
9:00 a.m. second Fri. of every month

Location Info:

Beta Theater
2420 Pierce St
Houston, TX  77003
Eons ago, at the dawn of man, a four-armed creature tempted Eve with the fruit of knowledge. As punishment for this apparently heinous crime, the beast was stripped of its limbs and forced to crawl on its belly and eat dust for the rest of its days. That beast is now known as the snake, but what happened to its limbs? Those limbs planted themselves in the ground and were fostered and cultivated by the original party animal: our Dark Lord Prince, Lucifer. Over the centuries, the two limbs who are synonymous with sin grew into the contemporary comedy troupe MicroSatan. Billy Trim and Conner Clifton are working together to bring YOU the best night of your lives. Should you wear adult diapers? Heck, I would. I'd bring a few spare ones, even. Come join MicroSatan for a night of laughter and artistic exploration. Throughout the evening, we will be interviewing guests and tackling their problems with our take on the world. We hope you will join us. There will be a $6 cover. Also, the event is BYOB/BYOL!


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