Nigeria Cultural Parade

Nigeria Cultural Parade

Culturally Naija & WeLead Nigeria Cultural Parade


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Toyota Center
1510 Polk
Houston, TX  77002
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – JULY 2017 Houston Nigerians Set their Sights to be Culturally Bound come September 30th Celebrating Nigeria’s 57th Independence in Downtown Houston! HOUSTON (July 24, 2017) Are you ready Houston? The Nigeria Cultural Parade is underway to not only show up in the streets of Downtown Houston but to show out! This feast of culture is presented under the aegis collaboration of Culturally Naija and WeLead to present a ONE Nigeria! It is a little-known fact that Houston holds the largest population of Nigerians that live outside of the country itself. The makeup of 200 tribes speaking 300 languages is an understatement for the heart of Africa. Nigerian Americans in the metropolitan city of Houston are ready to present an array of dances of the circle of life from traditional to tribal steps by Igwe Cultural Entertainment Group that meet up to contemporary dance by Afro Fusion. Traditional attire worn by various groups such as the Akwa Ibom Association will command the attention of many and leave you in awe of the vibrant colors carefully laid to complement our most slayed silhouettes. The beat of the drums will stir the passion and unify a cultural pride. If you are ready to be educated and entertained at the same time, make your presence known at 1510 Polk Street near the Toyota Center at 8:30 AM on Saturday, September 30, 2017. Our Community Partners include the Nigerian Foundation, Vineyard TV, Africa Fashion Week Houston, DJ Mix Master Brown and a host of others. For any interested individuals or groups who would like to participate, please send an email to You may visit for additional information. As the saying goes, “Naija no dey carry last!” The authentic masquerades and sultry moves will leave a breathtaking vision that will leave a memorable mark for attendees. You do not want to miss out on this cultural extravaganza, it’s about to be epic! RSVP for FREE at ### CONTACT: Linda Anukwuem PH: +1 (832) 452-7784
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