Only Beast

Photo by Francisco Montes The Wheel Workers perform with Only Beast and A Sundae Drive September 15 at Walters.


Past Event

Location Info:

Walter's Downtown
1120 Naylor
Houston, TX  77002
Once it came time for the headliner, the Wheel Workers were more than ready to show us why they are going on tour. Lead singer and songwriter Steven Higginbotham casually took the stage and started into a set full of songs from multiple albums that are too good to stay local. It’s clear they knew what they were doing when they broke into two upbeat, energetic singles from latest album Citizens, “Yodel” and “Burglar." Then, in true mixtape-pacing fashion, they slew it down. Continuing the conversational nature of the night, A Sundae Drive’s Jennifer Gray-Garcia shouted “Yes!!” when Past to Present cut “Want” was announced. Wheel Workers keyboardist and singer Erin Rodgers replied that it was one of her favorites, too. One of the best parts of going to local shows like this is seeing members of the community interact with each other in such a mutually and honestly positive way.


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