Ophelia's Rope Anniversary Show

Ophelia's Rope Anniversary Show

Michelle Odgers Autumn Clack and Ruth S McCleskey are Ophelia's Rope


Past Event

Location Info:

Rec Room
100 Jackson St
Houston, TX  77002
12 year of improv and 12 years of friendship! Boiling Point Players presents (Why not - Autumn and Ruth are co-founders of BPP) Ophelia's Rope Anniversary Weekend. As Ophelia's Rope adds time to their bond, they want longer than a day to celebrate so this year it is two days (nights, really) of fun. This is two evenings of completely made up entertainment (well, that might be a little lie - we do love having people perform pieces at our shows so maybe more like 90% made up entertainment). Friday Night, June 2 8pm On deck with us... Baby Knuckle Soubrette City - Improvised Plays Saturday Night, June 3 8pm Duo Nation... No More Words - Silent Improv Grief Bacon T&A Magical Lying Hour
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