Otis Jones

courtesy of Gray Contemporary Green with Black and Red Circles, acrylic on canvas on wood, 12 in. x 23 in. x 3 in., 2017


Sat., May 20, 5-8 p.m. and Tuesdays-Saturdays, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Continues through July 1 2017

Location Info:

Gray Contemporary
3508 Lake St.
Houston, Texas  77098
Born in Galveston, based in Dallas, artist Otis Jones foregrounds a peculiarly Texan sense of dilapidation in his abstract paintings. The small-scale and dingy, oddball vibe of these works recall the paintings of Forest Bess. At the same time, they bear a resemblance to the iconic Suprematist compositions of Malevich and Barnett Newman's metaphysical treatises, writ small. [Organizer's description:] Gray Contemporary is pleased to announce our first solo exhibition of works by Otis Jones. Exhibition opens Saturday, May 20th from 5 - 8 pm with the artist present, and will continue through July 1, 2017. In a career that has spanned over forty years, Otis Jones’s work is represented internationally as well as included in numerous public and private collections. Locally his work is part of the collection of The Dallas Museum of Art as well as the Tyler Museum of Art. This exhibition marks his first exhibition in Houston in twenty years. In this exhibition of recent works, Jones continues his interest in the physical objectness of his paintings. Working with acrylic on canvas stretched around irregular shaped laminated plywood Jones invest’s in the physical history of the process by blatantly ignoring to hide the inherent truth within the work. As for example the staples used to the stretch the canvas to the structure have become an innate part of Jones’s textural vocabulary as well as the rawness of the laminated plywood that is exposed on the sides of each work. At this point the work becomes a mystery in determining its existence as a painting and object. As in a more “matter of fact” manner Jones is true to the visual nature of his process by conceptually preferring to allow the work to explain itself with the meditative qualities of the object and its making.


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