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$20 to $24

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White Oak Music Hall Downstairs
2915 N Main St.
Houston, TX  77009
In Aztec mythology, the monkey Ozomatli was considered the companion spirit of the god of music and dance. The L.A.-based band sharing that monkey’s name has produced fun, eclectic and thought-provoking musica that rocks every stage they touch through seven studio albums, from 1998’s self-titled debut through 2014’s Place In The Sun. Friday’s stop in Houston should be yet another lively, uptempo and ultimately sweaty night filled with an ensalada of Latino sounds, groovy hip-hop and funky jazz beats, but Ozomatli are much more than a force to party with. They’re also adamant human-rights activists, using music to champion social change while promoting unity and serving as cultural ambassadors for the U.S. State Department, traveling all over the globe to spread good vibes to anyone within earshot.
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