Photography+Race: The Image of You and Me

Photography+Race: The Image of You and Me

Judit German-Heins


Past Event
$5 per ticket order (Ticket Order for minimum 1 person is the same value for a Ticket Order for the maximum 4 people... so the bigger your group the greater the value). The event is free for students as long as a valid ID is presented at the door

Location Info:

Vox Culture Warehouse
8570 Katy Fwy. Suite 116
Houston, Texas  77024
Vox Culture unveils its first creative workshop of the year in the form of ‘Photography + Race: The Image of You and Me’. The event is part of the organization’s on-going 2017 theme tackling the subject of race titled, Know Your Neighbors. ‘Photography + Race: The Image of You and Me’ seeks to educate guests and use creative tools to bring together and facilitate conversations amongst our diverse community on the subject of race. Guests are encouraged to bring friends or colleagues to partake in this engaging workshop meant to bring a greater sense and understanding of each other. The only item guests will need to bring in order to participate are a digital camera or cellular phone with photo taking capability. Professional photographer Judit German-Heins will be the lecturer for this event, together with the assistance and collaboration of reknowned portrait artist, Romeo Clay Robinson. In addition to the outcome of engaging in a conversation of race via photography, the event will help teach guests how to improve their individual photo taking skills and how to capture details such as a person’s expression or emotion. This will be a very limited seating event, therefore RSVP is mandatory and must register by Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 11:30PM. Guests will be assigned to small groups based on their ticket color selection. ‘Photography + Race: The Image of You and Me’ will be hosted at Vox Culture’s facility and presented in collaboration with the advocacy organization's 2017 Know Your Neighbors initiative partners, Iconoclast Artists and Project Curate.


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