Sun., Nov. 5, 7 p.m. 2017
Poppy is the best pop star cum potential cult member/leader you’re not listening to. Her music drifts between completely cringe-worthy — “I want your floppy disc to be my hard drive” — to complete genius — “Interweb” and “Pop Music” are total gems, but are always catchy. Her debut album, Poppy.Computer, is the perfect thing for a generation more and more engaged with computers and social media; songs like “Computer Boy” and “Software Upgrade” have lyrics that sound straight out of the more eccentric parts of Tumblr. It’s also refreshingly straightforward, ditching subtlety and fully embracing the weirdness of modern pop fandom. But an album is only a moment in time, so best to catch what Poppy has to say now before she sets her sights on something else. Whatever the subject, she’s sure to produce some bangers.
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