Portugal The Man

Photo by Jim Bricker


Past Event
$27.50 to $33

Location Info:

White Oak Music Hall Lawn
2915 N Main St.
Houston, Texas  77009
It’s been quite a journey for the band of high-school pals who originally came together in 2004, or even since their last studio album, 2013’s Evil Friends. During a trip back home to Alaska, Portland-based Portugal. The Man. front man John Gourley’s dad showed him his old ticket stub to the legendary 1969 counterculture festival, inspiring him to scrap the record Portugal had been working on for years in favor of an album of sardonic social commentary disguised as peppy pop songs, which he appropriately called Woodstock. The cover features flames engulfing a vintage Rolls-Royce; the finger-snapping single “Feel It Still” has become one of 2017’s most inescapable earworms. Now Portugal’s task is to stoke their newfound hotness with a raft of equally catchy followup singles, a promise Woodstock easily fulfills with “So Young,” “Rich Friends” and “Live In the Moment,” just to name three.


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