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Morales Funeral Home
2901 Canal St.
Houston, Texas  77003
When dancemaker Jennifer Mabus heard that EaDo’s historic Morales Funeral Home, the first Hispanic-owned funeral home in Houston, was available for a site-specific work, she had an admittedly surprising reaction. “That’s pretty perfect,” she recalls saying with a laugh. For Requiem, presented by the Pilot Dance Project, performers will guide audience members through the house, where they’ll see different stories unfolding while also engaging in small tasks, like placing a candle or writing a memory. Though the piece is a 45-minute exploration of grief, Mabus stresses that it is neither emotionally manipulative nor macabre. “I’m going with the idea [that] the story is not over — in whatever way you choose to believe that to be. [I’m] going with the idea that there’s hope in all of these stories, and that there’s comfort.”

2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 p.m. Saturday. 2901 Canal. For information, visit artful.ly/store/events/12198. $16 to $20.

[Organizer's Description:]

The Pilot Dance Project continues its mission of presenting evening-length work by independent choreographers with an original site-specific, immersive dance work by acclaimed Houston-based choreographer Jennifer Mabus. Requiem is a forty-five minute work that examines communal rituals of grief through the valence of the East End community and the story of the Morales family legacy that helped shape it. Requiem will be set in the historic Morales Funeral Home, the first Hispanic-owned funeral home in Houston. Audience members will be guided by the performers through the unique environment of the Morales Funeral Home. Audience and cast will collectively experience personal stories of grief, and, ultimately, hope. Requiem is the first evening-length work the company will produce after its recent departure from the Pilot on Navigation. “I’m really excited about this work because it shows the Pilot Dance Project is still about producing professional Modern dance in the East End,” says Executive/Artistic Director Adam Castaneda. “Now that we are not tied to a space, we can actually go into the community and create work about and for this vibrant neighborhood.” Requiem will run for six performances on August 5, and each presentation is limited to twenty-five audience members. The Pilot Dance Project Presents Jennifer Mabus’ Requiem is made possible by generous support from Christina Morales, the Morales Funeral Home, and John Virden. Cast: Adam Castaneda, Lindsay Cortner, Jade Devault, Elaine Fields, Ashley Horn, Kayla Hyde, Eva Jin, Tawnya Kannarr, Cloe Leppard, Donald Sayre, Emily Sayre, and Jennifer Mabus.
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