Robert Deyber,'visual raconteur supreme', on Full Display at Martin Lawrence Galleries


2017-09-07 18:00:00
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. September 7

Location Info:

Martin Lawrence Galleries
13350 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX  75240
Nation's Premier Network of Fine Art Galleries to host Artist and his work at Martin Lawrence galleries Galleria Mall Location. "My ongoing body of work involves the visual interpretation of clichés, euphemisms and idioms"-Robert Deyber Robert Deyber's visual interpretation of common phrases and idioms are so clever, that if you hand his works on your homes walls, people will ascribe that cleverness to you. Even if you're not! Robert Deyber is an American artist, born and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut, who began drawing at an early age. Art was his escape from an otherwise difficult world, and it offered him the freedom to travel and study in Perugia and Milan, Italy. Deyber's artistic roots hail from the Surrealist movement, and he counts Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, native painter Henri Rousseau, the colorists Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall and Andy Warhol among his major influences. Well known for his visual interpretations and his masterful painting talents, Deyber's artwork is ripe with surprise and humor. Each painting is a visual rendering of a clever turn on a common phrase. Deyber's delighted collectors number in the thousands and thousands, transcending all traditional boundaries. Private collectors and corporate collectors can be found throughout the United States and across Europe and Asia and include many in the entertainment industry, from independent film producers to well known screenwriters and designers. After singer songwriter Tom Petty and his wife Dana began collecting his work, Petty commissioned Deyber for the artwork of his new album, "Highway Companion" "My goal is to take something command elevate it to the uncommon and create theater, an unfamiliar and unexplored scene"-Robert Deyber In 2006, Deyber exhibited his work at the New York International Art Expo, generating significant attention from dozens of galleries eager to represent his work. He choose Martin Lawrence galleries as his exclusive representative, and its network of nine galleries across the country has been offering Deyber's artworks ever since. Over the last decade Robert Deyber has created a broad range of works, and enormous recognition including being selected as a featured artist in the Quarterly Publication's New American Paintings. Martin Lawrence Galleries, located in the Dallas galleria, is proud to unveil new and original paintings as well as hand-signed limited edition works of art by contemporary artist Robert Deyber. This is a rare opportunity to meet one-of-a-kind artist and acquire his latest creations.


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